About the School

Mission Statement

The mission of Gilliard Elementary School is to encourage, support, and empower students to use their strengths
and talents to compete in a global society. This will be accomplished using innovative strategies and data driven instruction
that is focused on student discovery, exploration, and achievement.

Gilliard Elementary School's History

Gilliard Elementary School is the successful combination of Adelia Williams and South Brookley Elementary Schools. It opened as a new school in the fall of 2005.  The faculty, staff, and students moved into the building on April 26, 2006.  Gilliard Elementary School serves 750 students who live on the peninsula between Interstate 10, Mobile Bay, and Dog River. The campus faces Dauphin Island Parkway and serves students in Pre-K through 5th grade.

Gilliard Elementary School is named for Dr. Robert Whitewood Gilliard.  Dr. Gilliard was an area dentist, civil rights leader, and former member of the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners.  Working as an advocate for civil rights, Dr. Gilliard was co-founder of an anti-poverty program designed to provide marketable skills for both the unemployed and underemployed.  He was one of the founders of Mobile Community Action.  He served on the executive committee of the Mobile Branch of the NAACP from 1950-1956 and as its president from 1964-1996.  Dr. Gilliard served as a middle school principal in South Carolina. He served our country during World War II as a member of the Special Task Force attached to General Patton's Third Army, Fourth Armored Division, which landed on Utah Beach on July 13, 1944.  He was a decorated war veteran.

We are proud to have our school named in honor of such a distinguished member of our community and following his example of service to the community we have established a variety of extracurricular programs for our students.  Additionally, we provide before and after school care for our students and maintain an excellent educational program.